Hating the way your kitchen looks? Would love to add a marble countertop? Wanting a kitchen make over, but think you can’t afford it?

Well I’m here to tell and show you how you can make over your countertops for under $100.00.

Supplies needed: (this is what I used, you can use what you have around the house)

  • cleaning solution
  • sponges
  • towels
  • green painters tape or frog tape
  • 120 grit sand paper
  • sanding block or hand sander
  • paint: primer, main colour, different greys or whatever you what to use to make veins
  • polyurethane or what clear top coat you choose
  • paint brushes different sizes ( tiny artist up to 2 1/5)
  •  wood or plastic cutting boards (optional, but safer and will keep the countertop in great condition longer)
  • Many of these products you may have already around your house, so it could be even cheaper than $100.00. Use what you have, and get creative.

First lets start with clearing off and cleaning the area that is going to be made over. Make sure the area is completely free from dirt and crumbs. Completely dry the area, let it sit for a few hour after cleaning. Use green painters tape or frog tape, and tape all around the countertop area to be painted. Also tape all around sink, covering all chrome. Double and triple check that there isn’t any water around the tap or sink.

Lightly sand the area to rough up the surface to accept the paint. You can use either a hand sander or a sanding block. Paint using gloss primer, one or two coats, letting it dry in between coats.  Use a brush for cutting around corners and hard to reach areas like the taps. But use a roller for the tops and sides to get a nice smooth surface. Don’t forget underneath of the countertop edges.  Next onto the main colour, in my case I used white gloss. It really doesn’t matter if you use gloss or matt paint here, because your going to put on a clear gloss coat at the end. Add 2 coats of white paint, again, letting dry in between coats. Make sure the 2nd coat is completely dry before carrying on to the next step. Let it set over night if possible.  Using a dark grey and a very small round artist brush, make squiggly lines, almost like lightening bolts  As many or as little as you want for the look you want. You can also add lighter greys and black to add depths. If you need to , you can use the white base paint to cover up and soften up the lines. Continue until you get the desired look your going for.

Tip 1 : Make sure the lines go in the same direction, and don’t forget the edges and around the sink, these are what really make it look real. When done, let it completely dry. Do not continue until dry.  Next pour or brush on the clear gloss polyurethane top coat. As many coats are you would like, but at least 2.

Tip 2 : Do not leave any windows and doors open, and watch dust and animal hair doesn’t get on the top until it is dry, at least a few hours.

Tip 3 : Don’t use until the paint and top coat is cured, around 7 days. Than use as usual. Don’t cut on it, use cutting boards to prolong the use and wear.

Have you done your own kitchen make over?

Have you used any of my tips? Please send comments and or pictures if you have, I would love to hear from you.

Above : Before anything was done, just setting up.

Below : After everything is painted.